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Milenco's Steering Wheel Locks: Police & Insurance Approved

Discover award winning range of steering wheel locks from Milenco, renowned for exceeding Sold Secure Gold standards and earning endorsements from police and insurance companies. Ideal for securing cars, motorhomes, and vans, our collection features the Milenco High-Security Steering Wheel Lock+ Yellow and the Milenco High-Security Steering Wheel Lock Silver, each a standout in steering wheel lock technology. Every lock, including the robust Milenco Commercial High-Security Steering Wheel Lock, is specifically designed to offer superior protection for all types of vehicles, exceeding the rigorous standards of Sold Secure Gold, Secured by Design and SCM certification. Buy Milenco for steering wheel locks that deliver unparalleled safety for cars, motorhomes, and vans, Met Police Recomended and trusted by insurance providers.

Do Steering Wheel Locks Really Prevent Theft?
Yes, steering wheel locks provide a significant physical barrier and visual deterrence. Premium steering wheel locks like the ones Milenco produced are heavy-duty and have high-security features, such as being pick-proof and resistant to common attack methods, making them highly effective against theft with specific focus on the UK market which has one of the greatest levels of vehicle theft in the world.
Is It Worth Buying a Steering Wheel Lock?
Absolutely. They are an affordable, effective solution for enhancing vehicle security. Milenco's locks, meeting the Sold Secure Gold Standard, offer superior protection, making them a worthwhile investment for safeguarding your vehicle.
Which Steering Wheel Lock is the Best?
It depends on your specific needs and vehicle type. Milenco offers a range of high-security locks, from the classic suitable for all cars to the Commercial High-Security Steering Wheel Lock for larger vehicles like vans and motorhomes.

Understanding the Distinctions: Sold Secure vs SCM Certifications

Sold Secure, a prominent UK-based certification body, rigorously evaluates and grades security products, including our range of steering wheel locks. Their rating system encompasses Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond levels, each indicating a higher degree of theft resistance. The Gold rating, noted for its stringent testing criteria, is particularly effective in safeguarding against the prevalent methods of theft in the UK, making it an ideal choice for protecting valuable assets.

Conversely, SCM (Stichting Certificering Motorrijtuigbeveiliging) from the Netherlands, specialises in the certification of vehicle security systems, ranging from basic to advanced technological solutions. SCM's focus is on a comprehensive spectrum of security, ensuring vehicles are equipped with certified and approved protection, particularly against modern theft techniques.

At Milenco, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our compliance with both Sold Secure and SCM standards, underscoring our dedication to superior protection. Sold Secure's focus aligns closely with the UK's specific security challenges, while SCM addresses the particular needs of the Dutch market.

Optimal Choice for the UK: In the UK context, Sold Secure Gold is highly recommended due to its thorough testing regime, tailored to combat the types of theft commonly encountered in the region. This certification is a testament to the robustness and reliability of our security products.

Selecting the Appropriate Certification: The choice between Sold Secure and SCM should be based on your location and specific security requirements. For robust theft protection in the UK, Sold Secure is the preferred option. In contrast, SCM is more suited to the Dutch context, offering specialised solutions that align with local security needs.

  • Top-Class Security

    Our locks are designed to meet and exceed the Sold Secure Gold Standard, providing the highest level of protection against theft.

  • Easy to Fit on Any Vehicle

    They're made to fit a wide range of vehicles, easy to install and simple to use.

  • Strong Theft Deterrent

    Built tough to resist tampering, making them an effective deterrent against theft.

  • A Lock for Every Vehicle

    Whether you have a car, a motorhome, or a van, we have a lock that suits your needs.

  • Cutting-Edge Security Features

    Includes additional protections like the Brake Lock to combat modern theft techniques.

  • Built to Last

    Made with high-quality hardened steel for durability and strength.

  • User-Friendly Design

    Our locks are not only secure but also convenient to use, easy to put on and take off.

  • Trusted by Experts

    Recommended by insurance companies and UK police for providing excellent vehicle security.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    We offer comprehensive support, including help with spare keys and clear installation instructions.

  • Recommended by the Met Police

    The UK's Metropolitan Police highly recommend Milenco's steering wheel locks for their effectiveness.

Why Milenco?
  • Same Day Dispatch
  • Award Winning Design
  • Europe's Leading Manufacturer
  • SCM, SKG - IKOB MP03 Approved
  • Industry Leading Technologies & Design

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